2018/19 CIF outcome!

We have successfully secured nearly £1.5m in funding for three WSCC Academies!

Only five CIF bids were successful in WSCC this year and we are delighted that three of them were ours!

The successful bids include a Gymnasium refurbishment/extension, Toilet and Changing Room refurbishment and a whole school flat roof replacement project.

More details to follow soon…


  • Worthing High School is delighted to have been awarded nearly £1.4m for two CIF projects this year. Working with Philips Surveyors ensured we had a high quality, robust bid and enabled us to have the greatest chance of success. Our relationship with Philips Surveyors is all year round - as bids need to be prepared and planned for prior to the CIF application window being announced. We enjoy the partnership approach that Philips Surveyors promote. This success is on the back of £2.5m CIF award in 15/16 for a new science block which opened in May 2017 - also submitted in association with Philips Surveyors.
    • William Court
      William Court
      Thank you Karen, a pleasure working with you and Ricky as always. I am looking forward to getting these two projects up and running. As always the support support you and Ricky provide is a big factor in the success of the bids.